KROmedia will not neglect analogous work in school and university facilities in the future either. Whether in the classroom, perhaps combined with a beamer and screen, or in the lecture hall as a large mechanical or electrical system.
KROmedia offers a wide range of special solutions in addition to an extensive standard program.

From the long wall panel to the pylon panel

KROmedia supplies the complete range of school blackboards from long wall boards, single and folding boards to pylon boards and matching projection screens.

In addition the necessary accessories from chalk to sponge to drawing instruments.

Quality guarantee for material

Our boards have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut, WKI, as an accredited test centre within the framework of material testing and quality control. Each panel is marked with the GS quality mark (tested safety) and complies with all German and European standards. You will receive the test report for your documentation on request.

Quality guarantee for coatings

We give you a 25 year guarantee on the writability of your board. This guarantee applies to all boards with enamelled and writable surfaces (green, white).

Quality guarantee for services

As a specialist company, we guarantee the quality of our services, especially the security checks we carry out. In contrast to many other suppliers, we not only certify the functionality of the panel system at the time of the test, but we also guarantee the long-term safe operation of the systems during regular safety checks carried out by us in accordance with GUV-Si 8016/DGVU 202-12.