Logistics – we have understood

The logistic mission is to provide the right quantity, the right objects as objects of logistics (goods, people, energy, information), at the right place in the system, at the right time, in the right quality, at the right cost.
(Quote: R. Jünemann (1989) / Wikipedia)

KROmedia is your partner from the planning stage through the entire operating period to the disposal of your systems and equipment. Our logistics organisation is based on this idea of partnership. You have contact persons whom you know and can reach personally and who are responsible for all questions concerning your training.

Reliability, maintainability and supportability

The most important criteria in the selection and development of our products are the reliability, maintainability and supportability of the individual components and the entire installation. These requirements guarantee cost-effective products that meet your expectations without downtime over a long period of operation. Our logistics team manages these conditions so that you, the customer, are provided with expert support over the entire period of use:

  • Planning, installation, acceptance of interactive or conventional board and presentation systems
  • Instruction / Education / Training
  • Prompt delivery of consumables and spare parts
  • Technical inspections and repairs
  • Upgrade and/or replacement of obsolete systems
  • Integration of new technologies into your infrastructure

With quality guarantee on our services

As a specialist company, we guarantee the quality of our services, especially the security checks we carry out. In contrast to many other suppliers, we not only certify the functionality of the panel system at the time of the test, but we also guarantee the long-term safe operation of the systems during regular safety checks carried out by us.