KROmedia – that means more than twenty years of experience in implementing customer-specific solutions. During this time we have learned a lot from our customers.

In many cases, a “standard product” meets all the customer’s requirements; this allows for optimized pricing, as it is possible to work cost-effectively throughout the entire process. Low planning and development costs, fast and usually simple assembly and calculable follow-up costs for maintenance and servicing, that the products have been tried and tested for years and all eventualities are known.

Growing to meet challenges

But there are also projects where “standard” is not possible. THESE ARE OUR FAVOURITE PROJECTS! The reasons are manifold and often constructional factors, special circumstances, the customer’s desired equipment or the integration into existing systems/infrastructure.
It is precisely these projects that make a team grow and we measure ourselves against them. Tinkering and discussing and developing solutions as a team are real challenges. Our production with the individual machinery, experts for planning, production and integration, the business management staff and the contact to TüV and quality inspectors, who are already involved in the planning.

Our goals are clearly defined:

  • Price-optimized solutions for the customer
  • Added value of all competencies in the team
  • Delivering safe and sustainable products
  • Ensure that projects are completed on time and on schedule
  • Ensure assembly, commissioning and acceptance according to QM standards
  • and in the end … satisfied customers

PS: Many products that we developed as “Customized”, i.e. as customer-specific individual solutions, are now part of our standard range. We learn from your wishes. We would be pleased to present our reference projects to you.