KROmedia solutions for digital and analog operation in schools and universities

The right tools for teaching in the 21st century

The world is changing rapidly. The constant availability of computers, smartphones, tablets and the Internet has a major impact on society, but above all on education in the 21st century. The use of technology in the classroom plays a crucial role in the professional development of teachers and students.

Already today, new skills, leadership, digital literacy, effective communication, problem solving, teamwork, creative thinking, critical thinking and global citizenship are in demand. We therefore need new learning methods to teach our children these 21st century skills and prepare them for the future.

In practice, this is often difficult to achieve because you need not only new teaching methods but also the right equipment to support the development of these skills. We provide teachers and students with a range of interactive learning tools to help them learn these 21st century skills quickly and easily.

But we also make sure that analogue teaching methods are still possible.

We offer solutions that combine “yesterday” and “today”. Just KROmedia-solutions.

KROmedia solutions for digital and analog operation with the KM-S36 double-pylon folding panel

Here, too, the interactive and digital solution is combined with an analogue working method.
The combination with the double pylon folding panel. KM-30 I 89-D Height adjustment in the middle.
The two wings cover the display when not in use.

KROmedia solutions for digital and analogue operation with the KM-Masterline rail system

Another possibility of combining interactive and analogue working methods.
The rail system “KM-Masterline” as an analogue medium and the interactive display on the KM-30 I 89-D height adjuster in the middle.