Analog becomes digital

Interactive folding board systems open up completely new ways for teachers and students:

  • Projection of ready-made/part-finished templates (tasks, charts, drawings, presentations)
  • Interaction with the system (multiple choice tasks, etc.)
  • Saving and reusing the board picture

Interactive whiteboard systems in hybrid form can be used as digital board or conventional whiteboard and combine the proven enamel-coated blackboard and the interactive projector.

Interactive boards

An interactive board is a whiteboard that is connected to a beamer via a PC or laptop. The surface of the board can be worked on in the same way as on a conventional board or a classic whiteboard – with the difference that the board image created only exists in virtual form. On the interactive whiteboard, whiteboard pictures can be developed in real time using multimedia or can be displayed as a prepared presentation and integrated into the current whiteboard work. Operation with finger or pen possible.

Interactive projectors

Based on the ultra-short distance projection, these projectors allow working without being in the beam path of the projector. Up to 135 inch ultra wide diagonal. Thus projections can be realized on all flat surfaces. Preferably on whiteboards, it allows the presenter to actively participate in his presentation. The contents can be saved or edited with pens or finger touch.

Touch display

With the touch display, the whiteboard and beamer are superfluous, the display takes over all known functions of the interactive beamer and this with resolutions up to 4K. The self-luminous, up to 86 inch interactive work surface is particularly suitable in bright surroundings. Nevertheless, KROmedia recommends to ensure analogue working methods, e.g. small pylons with wings or the KM-Masterline rail system.


KROmedia manufactures mechanical and electrical height adjustments, loudspeaker brackets and much more for all interactive applications and various manufacturers of interactive beamers and displays.

Wireless connections between interactive system and computer are also possible without any problems. KROmedia does not forget its origin and knows how to combine the digital age with the challenges of tomorrow.