KROmedia-DUO and DUO-XL

The new KROmedia series with the generic term DUO describes the lifting technology. Two motor-driven lifting columns with an intelligent control system move the display to any desired position.

Whether it is the wall-mounted or the mobile solution, both have the same stroke of approx. 650 mm and in the XL version even 980 mm. Each system is designed for displays up to 90 inches. The stroke of approx. 650 to 980 mm can be limited electronically.

The special safety feature of this series is the piezo cut-off, which stops/resets the columns during operation in case of resistance. (anti-collision switch-off)

Sashes are optionally available and are attached to the frame system with hinges (KM0117084). Not possible with the mobile system.

The DUO series with interactive displays can also be combined with analogue systems. Here the combination with the rail system “KM-Masterline”.


For those who prefer a particularly elegant look: optional panels in various materials such as powder-coated sheet metal or wood (veneer or reproduction) are available for the DUO systems.