The StarBoards FX-89/98 bring finger-operated interactivity to your classroom or conference room. These models combine sleek design and a robust interface with the latest interactive technology.
Finger operation and multi-touch gestures make the boards intuitive to use. The large surface of the boards offers additional workspace and allows comfortable working even in a group.

Finger control technology

Use your finger, stylus pen, or any object to easily navigate through workspaces, web pages, and multimedia content.

Multi-Touch Properties

Easily control your whiteboard with multi-touch gestures: note, erase, scroll, zoom. DeepL Access to frequently used tools.

Six-user input

Six-user input allows six users to write and work simultaneously on the entire StarBoard interface. Use with whiteboard markers is possible.

Outstanding features

  • Multi-touch gestures for intuitive operation
  • Magnetic surface
  • 15 function keys on each page for quick access to the most frequently used tools
  • Low weight despite steel surface
  • Improved wall bracket for easy mounting
  • Delivery includes stylus pen and StarBoard software
Example illustration with pylon height adjustment

Article number up to 89″: KM-30 I 89
Article number up to 98″: KM-30 I 98

KROmedia pylon height adjustment

  • TÜV tested (TÜV-Thuringia)
  • Stroke up to 1100 mm
  • Pylon height 2700 mm (special dimensions possible)
  • For boards up to 135 inch
  • Panel wings optionally available
  • Suitable for all common boards and projectors
  • Spring-loaded beamer plate for mounting of Ultra-short-distance projectors of different brands